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Jeremy grew up in Michigan, went to college in Chicago,

and now lives in Los Angeles. Ever since he was a child,

his time has been spent immersed in all the pop

culture he could get hold of. Books, comics, cartoons, movies, art, video games, computers, television,

sculpting, photography, music. You name it, he's

dabbled in it and can do professional quality work.
After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with

a major in Audio/Visual Production and a minor in Art,

he moved to Los Angeles, where he's interned and worked

at many places including Emerging Entertainment,

Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment, Almost Human FX,

Starburns Industries, and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

In addition to joining SAG-AFTRA, he has since expanded his skills from sculpting and fabrication, into SFX

Makeup and Practical FX, and has built up a

body of work and experience. He also became deeply involved in Channel 101 as co-producer, chief

of marketing and design for several years.


Thanks to an interest in film and computer graphics

that began in childhood and his studies at Loyola,

he's also experienced in the Adobe Creative Suite as well

as Final Cut Pro, ProTools, free hand drawing, design,

layout, and illustration. His specialties also include:

Sculpting, molding/casting, concept art, sfx makeup,

practical fx, and prop creation.

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